South Bank Day of Dance 2022

On 14th May we were joined by the Greenwich Morris Men, Old Palace Clog and Marlings Clog to dance at the George in Southwark then up the river from the Golden Hinde to Blackfriars Bridge.

Old Palace Clog
Greenwich Morris dancing “Constant Billy”
Stephen, Squire of North Wood

North Wood dancing “Country Gardens” (with thanks to Terry Holland)

Brian, North Wood’s musician
Greenwich (yellow/brown) and North Wood (green) dancing “Postman’s Knock”
North Wood & Greenwich Morris
Marlings Clog
Greenwich Morris dancing “Constant Billy”
Marlings Clog
Sticks a-flight!

Balance the Straw (with thanks to Anne Whitehouse)


Xmas Day of Dance 2019 – Pictures

Our annual festive tour on London’s South Bank accompanied by Greenwich Morris, Marlings (Edenbridge,Kent), Neap House (somewhere oop north) and Old Palace Clog (Croydon).

More pictures and video to follow

The Bridge saluted us just before we started dancing
Team effort twixt Greenwich, Neap House and North Wood with Brian on the pipe.
Greenwich Morris Men in Hay’s Galleria.
Old Palace Clog at London Bridge Pier
Marlings at London Bridge Pier
We weren’t the old ones dressed up
Contemporary architecture taken from the Thameside Inn
All too much for our Squire!
Marlings at the Golden Hinde

Dancing with Old Palace after their delightful audience participation.

London Marathon, April 28th 2019

We were pleased to be part of the Marathon entertainment (and to get a passing audience of 40,000 – a record for North Wood!). Old Palace Clog (from Croydon) and members of the Greenwich Morris Men joined us for our own marathon of almost five hours of dance.

Brian Stewart pipes the runners on their way

Mick O’Leary and Roger Hill dancing Nutting Girl

We are indebted to our supporter Anne Whitehouse for capturing this shot. A runner bearing what appeared to be a club or similar, leapt out from the race, clashed sticks a couple of times with Mick O’leary (left) then rejoined the throng.

The amazing Old Palace Clog acceleration tunnel. Weary runners entered the tunnel at one end and exited from the other at the speed of sound (well, nearly)

The RoseTree (with unsuspecting innocent bystander held aloft)

Last orders at the Bree Louise

The Bree Louise, near Euston station, was a proper pub. Over a dozen ales, home made pies and none of that fruit machine nor background music nonsense.

Sadly it was in the path of the HS2 project and scheduled for demolition.

The North Wood Morris had the sweet sorrow of performing there on the 27th January 2018 – the day before the last pint was pulled.

Left to right: Jon Wimhurst, Andy Ellis, David Williams, Brian Stewart (recorder), Roger Hill, Janette Stewart (drums), Stephen Collingwood (The Squire)

Part 1 featuring the following dances:-

  • Saturday Night (hanky) – our usual opening number.
  • Country Gardens (two sticks)
  • Valentine (hanky)
  • Young Collins (stick – including throwing!)

Part 2 with the following

  • Balance The Straw (stick) – with a guest Morris Man who happened to be in the pub.
  • Bromsberrow Heath (short stick) – with audience participation
  • Cuckoo’s Nest (stick) – a Canadian import!
  • Bonny Green Garter (hanky) – the traditional closing dance for Cotswold style sides.

With a big thank-you to our friend Anne Whitehouse for this video.

Bree Louise, Euston, July 2017

Our annual visit to The Bree Louise, near Euston station.  A proper pub but sadly in the path of  HS2  and scheduled for demolition  in 2018.

Dances featured are:-

  • Rose Tree (hanky) – with a lady from the audience.
  • Postman’s Knock (stick)
  • Highland Mary (hanky)
  • Bromsberrow Heath (short stick) – with audience participation

With a big thank-you to our friend Anne Whitehouse for this video.