This year North Wood Morris celebrate 49 years as Croydon’s foremost Morris team having been formed by members of the local Scout Movement. The dancers wear white shirts and trousers, green waistcoats, bellpads, decorated with green and yellow ribbon and yellow and green baldricks. The baldrick worn across the shirt, was derived from the harness once used for carrying a sword, ours bears the badge of an acorn, symbolic of the oak trees which were predominant in the North Wood. The designs on the back of the waistcoat reflects something of the wearer!

Over this period we have built up an extensive repertoire of around 40 dances. These originate from several Cotswold villages, still with active teams, but have been developed and adapted to suit our particular style. It is a style which we practice proudly as members of the Morris Ring since 1984.

Although most of our dancing always has (and always will!) taken place around the pick of the country’s pubs, there have been  many more diverse venues. These include the London Marathon, Royal Albert Hall, London Zoo, Blue Peter, cruise liners, farms, mountain peaks, Wembley Arena, Earls Court, Millennium Dome, Japanese and British television, carnivals, fetes, fairs and weddings. We have been joined in our dances by Frank Bruno, Vicki Michelle, Peter Duncan, policewomen, passers-by and innocent bystanders.

Individual members of the side have given solo performances north of the Arctic Circle and at Everest Base Camp.

Contrary to popular belief,money collected on tours is not spent behind the bar. Whilst money is required for day to day running costs, we have contributed thousands of pounds to local charities including Mayday Hospital, Eldon Phab Club and St. Christopher’s Hospice .

We dance for enjoyment more than tradition. It puts a smile on our faces and gives us an excuse to share a beer with good friends, young and old. It’s exercise that doesn’t feel like it. Above all – it’s fun!

We thank you for taking time to read this. If you have any questions please contact us or ask any member of the team when we are out performing.

You may also read a little more about the origins of the Morris, it’s associations with Croydon and the history of the team itself.