St.Dunstans Church, Cranbrook, November 11th 2018

We were invited to dance in St Dunstans church in Cranbrook as part of the Remembrance commemorations.

St Dunstan’s Church
Mick O’Leary (left) and Stephen Collingwood dance Nutting Girl, Brian Collins piping.
Dancing our only imported dance “Cuckoo’s Nest”. In the foreground David Williams (left) and Mick O’Leary.

Left to right: Jeanette Stewart, Jon Wimhurst, Andy Ellis, Brian Stewart, Mick O’Leary, Stephen Collingwood, Brian Collins and David Williams
The inimitable Brian Collins

Castle Inn at Chiddingstone, September 23rd 2018

Dancing “Rosetree” with unsuspecting member of the public.

Left to right: Brian Tasker, David Williams, Jon Wimhurst, “Alisa” (held aloft), Stephen Collingwood, Andy Ellis (minus waistcoat, don’t ask) and Mick O’Leary. A camera shy Brian Stewart is hiding behind David, top hat just visible.

We are indebted to Peter Taylor for providing the photographs.