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We were created from a local scout group forty years ago in 1975. We are easily recognised by our white shirts and trousers, green waistcoats, and yellow and green baldricks. Our baldricks bear a badge that has the image of an acorn to celebrate the Great North Wood, that was a oak forest that grew around Croydon, south of Norwood.

For a short history about the Great North Wood, see

We perform dances collected a hundred years ago by Cecil Sharp from the Cotswolds and others developed later. The different styles are named after the names of the villages and towns where the dances were collected and include, Bampton, Bledington and Fieldtown. We have dances from other remarkable sources like Addington Quarry and more recently from Brockley found during a refurbishment at a local pub called The Brockley Barge.

Our latest called "Where's Collingwood?" is a dance formed by an amalgam of dance styles illustrating the team's inability to follow Collingwood, their squire's (their boss) lead and so they are forever becoming lost. This extraordinary dance had its premier at the Trigg Ring meeting at the beginning of September 2010.



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