Meet the Side

A Morris troupe or team is know, for reasons unsure, as a Side.


Stephen Collingwood – The Squire of the team. He has danced the Morris for longer than he can remember. When not dressed in baldricks and bells, and having retired (several times) as an EHO sorting out ‘Lives of Grime’, he now sings with the East Surrey Choral Society ( ) and St Matthews Church choir.

Jon Wimhurst – Bagman. The team owes its existence to his commitment in keeping in touch with all. Any time spared from his family and the Morris, is spent at a printing firm which is jolly handy in producing our annual programme.

Roger Hill has friends and family all over the world and is often away globetrotting. He may be the oldest member but maintains a spring and style to his dancing that belies this entirely.

Mick the Barber – Yes, you’ve guessed it! The best barber in Woodside Green. Not only does his cut makes you younger and better looking, you can also enjoy the company of the best raconteur not yet found by the mass media and have a full psychological make-over as well. He is a member of the Dorset Road Allotments, in Dorset Road, Elmers End BR3 4EA See

David Williams – is our Treasurer and is doggedly learning the complexity of Morris dancing. He is now retired having spent over 40 years working with computers. The emblem on the back of his waistcoat depicts this with a famous cartoon and the caption, “Hit any Key !”

Andy Ellis is proving that a busy person can find the time to learn the Morris. As well as helping to conserve our team, which originated from the Scouts, the one-time chairman of the Croydon 49th is also doing the same for last of Croydon’s stag beetles. Watch the metamorphosis to your computer systems (and more) on

Angela Simpson is moonlighting from the newly formed Offcut Morris. After a successful career in the travel business, Angela is adeptly and literally finding her feet with the Morris.

Malcolm Hill has been a member of Northwood Morris for more than 15 years and still has difficulty remembering the steps, but he has the philosophy “Persistence may lead to success”. For many years he was the keeper of the Northwood Beast “Nugent” but has recently passed him to younger shoulders. Malcolm’s other passion is model trains. He has advanced first aid skills. but has never had need to use them at a Morris event.

Bob Houghton – He has moved to Oxford to educate a better class of pupils so is occasionally seen now. Having danced in Canada for nearly a decade with Cold Barn, Orange Peel, Cats on Fire, Cambridge Splinters and Wolf at the Door Molly, Bob comes to us via the Red Stags of Southampton. A history and ICT teacher by trade, he finds that dancing the Morris keeps him from taking himself too seriously.


Brian Stewart has taken over where Brian Collins has left off as being our musician. He uses similar instruments so the undiscerning may not notice the difference. Brian can be relied on for a non-ending series of clever jokes and commentaries on the tram system in Chennai: he is married to ….

Jannette Stewart who despite some obvious and other less obvious obstacles, provides essential support for the team in banging her drum and commenting on the team’s dancing styles and sometimes even dancing which really does show us up.

Brian Collins fights a losing battle as the side’s musician but one day he’ll convince the dancers they ought to listen. He long since fled the rigours of the schoolroom and now lectures music to adults who are even older than he is.


Crispin Duck is our trusty mascot without whom no North Wood outing would be complete.  Keep up with Crispin’s adventures on Facebook.


He is sometimes accompanied by the aloof L’Orange.